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Davion Royal House Guards RCT  -  Davion Royal House Guards MWO Unit

This Site is Dedicated to the Fan Based Battletech / Mechwarrior Unit of the Davion Royal House Guards Regimental Combat Team. The RCT is Part of the Davion Brigade of Guards (Royal Brigade) But only Answers to the Royal Family, with the specific mission of defending the Royal Davion family. Stationed on the Capital World of New Avalon. The unit is made up of hand picked elite members of the armed forces of the Federated Suns. It is an honor and a Privilege to be in this unit and The Royals only accept the most Disciplined and Courageous Soldiers. Being that it is a Regimental Combat Team there are a mix of battlemech weight Classes and even Ground Units as well as Aerospace.

The unit discipline is harsh and swift. there is no room for insubordination and members have only the most perfect records in and out of combat. Some have even referred to them as Paladins or Knights in Shining armor due to their strict code of Honor. House guards would Gladly give their Life for the Royal Family.

(( This Unit is Currently Participating in "Mechwarrior Online" which is currently in Beta, and is Currently accepting requests to be part of this Elite Unit. If you feel you can up hold The Code of Honor of the Royal House Guards you will be accepted with open arms, and a hard Punch to the Chest. We expect discipline and professionalism at all times.

((Mechwarrior online is a Mech only game and our Focus is on Heavy and Assault Mechs but we do have a mix. Good Luck and Good Hunting. ))