Brigade History and Organizations


The nine ‘Mech regiments and fifty lesser regiments that make up the Davion Brigade Guards represent the core of the Davion family’s strength. The units are also portrayed in the popular media as the pride of the common citizen, because the AFFS makes a point of recruiting the best soldiers from every member planet in the Federated Suns for these regiments.

The Brigade of Guards was originally a small group of bodyguards employed to protect the Davion family when they first took political power on New Avalon. As the Davions’ power expanded so did the responsibilities and strength of the Davion Guards. The number of fighting units swelled so quickly that by the 2600s the Davion Guards were renamed the Davion Brigade of Guards.

The Davion Brigade of Guards were among the first regiments to use BattleMechs in the Federated Suns, and among the first to adopt the Star League style of organizing its forces into mixed-weapon Regimental Combat Teams. Though the Brigade long ago took on far greater responsibilities than just protecting the Davion family, the connection between the regiments and the royal family is still quite strong.

All the regiments of the Brigade of Guards wear a version of the Federated Suns crest as their unit insignia. Also, most Davions serve part of their military career in a Guards regiment, with many rising to command one of its regiments. Any Brigade unit in which a Prince once served is called the Royal Guards.

The Brigade still fulfills its original duty to the ruling family by providing all personal bodyguards and soldiers used to protect the Royal Castle and the Fox’s Lair. Because of the Brigade of Guards’ close connection with the royal family, the unit is assigned the best equipment and supplies and the best graduates from boot camps and academies are sent to Guards units. The esprit de corps is so strong that no Guards unit in history has committed a dishonorable act. This camaraderie has also made the infantry regiments famous for their fighting abilities. Some regiments in the Brigade of Guards even sat out the Civil War to preserve their honor when Laura Davion fought Alexander Davion for control of the Federated Suns.

For ceremonial occasions, the ‘Mechs and tanks of the Brigade are painted with blue, white, and red striping, the colors of the Davion family. Otherwise, the ‘mechs and vehicles of the Brigade adopt standard color schemes that depend on the locale of their combat mission.